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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grobbebollen TV-Guide

If you are living in the Netherlands, you can watch brand new episodes of 'De Grobbebollen maken Lol' starting tommorow Z@ppelin will broadcast 5 new episodes and after that they will start repeating the first episodes.
here are the dates and times!
  • Vrijdag 30 april 11:40 : afl. 6 Start de piano
  • maandag 3 mei 11:40 : afl. 7 Het Grobbebollenlied
  • dinsdag 4 mei 11:40 : afl. 8 Meeuwenplaag
  • woensdag 5 mei 11:40 : afl. 9 De olifant en de muis
  • donderdag 6 mei 11:40 : afl. 10 Schoon genoeg
  • vrijdag 7 mei 11:40 : afl. 1 Vliegwater
  • donderdag 13 mei 11:40 : afl. 2 Een, twee, zzz
  • vrijdag 14 mei 11:40 : afl. 3 Slaap hard

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hard Boiled Chicken

In 2006 Erik and I both did two internships, on at the Cartoonsaloon in Ireland and one at Animationworks a small studio in Dordrecht, here in Holland ran by Arjan Wilschut.
We really liked his style and were strongly convinced Arjan worked in some sort of a digital way, because of his strong 'vectorline-ish'-style.
But we were very wrong, this man draws everything by hand on paper, even the double (thick) outlines are drawn by hand!
We learned a lot from Arjan and we got to work a bit on his film 'Hard Boiled Chicken'
recently he started a blog with loads of nice work. Luckily we're still doing some nice work for him every now and then, watch out for his next film 'Farmer Jack'.
Here is the short 'Hard Boiled Chicken' which we got to work on back then, and which also won a whole bunch of festivals.