Ka-Ching Cartoons is an animation studio in the heart of Rotterdam. The studio specializes in short films, commercials and tv shows. Its clients include Terre des hommes, BNN, Efteling and Halfords.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Storyboards are finished!

Phew! Today we finished the last storyboard for 'De Grobbebollen'. (the tv show we direct for de Efteling) It was quite a job; 26 episodes of 2,5 minutes, which more than an hour! It was great to do, and wonderful to see these how these storyboards develop to the finished episodes. Our work is not finished of course. There's three episodes to be animated. And then we are still busy with post production. We expect all episodes to be totally finished by the first week of July.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Grobbebollen show at the Efteling

The Grobbebollen have got their own little show in Hollands main themepark de Efteling.
In one of the towers of their magic castle they will do a show to entertain the visitors of the park.
They will be supported by guys in blue suits who will play and voice these handpuppets of Broer and Geeltje.
Check it out in de Efteling!