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Friday, June 22, 2007

SKUNK FU! Blasts Off on the BBC in July!

Finally! what started out as an internship, after that a partime freelance job and more later a full time job in Ireland is finally finishing up for the world to see it.
The first 26 episodes of Skunk Fu will be tx-ing weekdays at 3.45/3.50 from BBC week 28 (Monday 9th July 2007) on BBC1 and on Saturdays at 6pm on the CBBC Channel, from week 29 (Saturday 14th July 2007). It has already premiered on ABC Australia.


Abel said...

kaching blasted in annecy too,
I heard...
the red hat wine drinker is becoming famous...

Henk said...

Hi Joost and Erik.
I`ve been eagerly anticipating the series. Keep it up with your next project!

Shem said...

Hey Hey.
It's getting awfully drafty in
the studio. Sometimes I hear the
faint echo of "cookies" but when I turn around I realise it's just one of the plants screaming for water.
Keep Hydrated!

Anonymous said...

this program is incredable, im 17 and i watch it everyday