Ka-Ching Cartoons is an animation studio in the heart of Rotterdam. The studio specializes in short films, commercials and tv shows. Its clients include Terre des hommes, BNN, Efteling and Halfords.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kakkerlak location designs

Yes, yes, I know that these are the exact same pictures as on Jelle's blog. But that's simply because he's the art director of our half hour animated opera Kakkerlak. The pictures look great don't they? We sure are happy. Today we finished up our application for productionfunding. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!


AniKey said...

Yeah looking good! Keep'm coming!

Paco said...

Looks awesome!
Nice colors and shapes!

Mitch L said...

Wow really cool! Great to see all these projects grow! Really inspiring.

jriggity said...

Sooo Pretty!!


Abel said...

I just saw you in the Annecy video on youtube hahahaha
you look great and I hope you had a great time this year
tell me stuff!
hug from tokyo!