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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a little making of ´George and Paul´

Together With Pedri Animation we made a pilot for George and Paul,
Before Pedri started to make the puppets and the animation we designed the characters, made turnarounds and modelsheets.

we also made some more detailed instructions for the building of the puppets

With all this Peter Mansfelt made the first prototypes, they were already awesome!
but for the actual animation we needed better versions,
bigger and with good ball and socket joints.
These were created by John Craney.
Elmer Kaan did an awesome job animating the Pilot.
Of course he used a lot of rigs and wires, this was al cleaned up and color corrected by Cinemeta Digital, below you can see some before and after sequences.

If you didn't see the pilot yet or if you want to watch the storyboards for the series,
go and visit:


Junaid said...

Woah, very cool to see the concept pieces for this one :)

Will the series be made or is it too soon to say?

Erik said...

Hey Junaid,
It's still too early to say.
We'll keep our fingers crossed.

jriggity said...

Freakin AWESOME!!

loved it.


Marie Thorhauge said...

Hi lads! Hope yeh've recovered from last week ;-)apparently dancing is not the best thing to do the night before traveling heh, but is was great fun!

Just watched your George and Paul pilot - that is looovely! Bang on ma dears!